IP Central GmbH is a Munich based Legal Tech company. IP Central GmbH was founded in 2014 by Arne Striegler, professor of optical communications and circuit technology, as well as the attorneys Dennis Breuer and Volker Lehmann working in the field of trademark and design protection (IP). Together, they design and develop state-of-the-art technical solutions for legal issues in the area of ​​protection of creative services (copyright) and industrial property rights (trademarks, title protection, designs).

This allows authors to protect the content of their works via prionachweis.de (en = savecopyright.com) before handing it over to a publisher. The publisher can secure title protection rights through our titelschutz-magazin.de (german only). Trademark searches to determine if the title is being obtained should the trademark not already be otherwise protected can be done through our brand database tmdb.eu (beta). The protection of trademarks and designs can then be carried out via our partner law firm Breuer Lehmann Rechtsanwälte in Munich.


Through tmdb.eu, users can already search for over 2 million filed and registered trademarks (EUTM) for free. Through our partner law firm Breuer Lehmann Rechtsanwälte in Munich you have the possibility to register your own brand. The website is still in beta status. We are currently working on the implementation of additional brand databases as well as other innovative services for brand owners. Have a look!


Through our Titelschutz-Magazin (protection for books, movies or magazine-titles), authors, publishers or even media lawyers may publish title protection notices to ensure early protection of their titles (book titles, film titles, journal titles etc.). In the past three years, about two 2500 titles have been protected this way. Renowned law firms and publishers already use the magazine regularly.

Title protection notices can be conveniently published on our innovative online platform at any time 24/7.


Savecopyright.com is a new copyright service for all creatives. For example, musicians, copywriters and designers can have their works independently and legally documented at savecopyright.com. In the event of a legal dispute, the proof of priority may serve as proof of authorship and thus be an important tool for the author to enforce his rights.

Savecopyright.com is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week since 2017. You can secure all kind of files including media files. The german pendant, prionachweis.de, has already been used by approx. 2000 clients in the past 5 years.